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Announcing the launch of the COVID Advocates Advisory Board
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COVID: The HIV research advocacy movement offers lessons
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AVAC and TAG Statement on the Ethical Conduct of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Challenge Studies
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Below are some helpful resources to learn more about community engagement in research, along with the status of COVID vaccine and drug development.

COVID Research

• Treatment Action Group: COVID-19 Pipeline and COVID-19 Mythbusters
• Making a Vaccine Accessible: A glossary of terms from Devex
New York Times: Different Approaches to Coronavirus Vaccine
New York Times: Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker
• Milken Institute: COVID Tracker
STAT: Coronavirus Drugs and Vaccine Tracker
• AVAC: Ongoing COVID Studies
• University of Washington: COVID Treatment
• JAMA: Treatment of COVID with Monoclonal Antibodies

Community Engagement

Good Participatory Practice Guidelines
Good Participatory Practice Guidelines for Emerging Pathogens
• UCSF: Community Engaged Research – A quick-start guide
• WHO: Module for Community Engagement
JIAS Supplement: Science, theory, and practice of engaged research: Good Participatory Practice and beyond
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