A continuación encontrarás algunos recursos útiles para saber más sobre la participación de la comunidad en la investigación, junto con el estado del desarrollo de vacunas y fármacos de la COVID19.

Investigación en COVID

Participación Comunitaria



Pan-coronavirus CAAB call with Nelson L Michael, moderated by Tracy Swan (July 14, 2022)

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TRIPS waiver: WTO decision explained by Sangeeta Shashikant & Brook Baker, July 11, 2022 

New COVID-19 Vaccines Trials in Sub-Saharan Africa, April 6

TRIPS waiver’s update – March 3, 2022. With Sangeeta Shashikant & Brook Baker 

COVID research update with Dr. David A. Wohl, MD – February 10, 2022 

Understanding—And Improving—COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake, January 10, 2022 

Webinar on Omicron and HIV with Salim Abdool Karim – December 15, 2021  

CAAB webinar with Dr. Wohl: COVID-19 treatment and research, 22 september 2021.

CAAB Webinar – Seminario en ESPAÑOL: amfAR HIV COVID study – 7.22.2021 

CAAB Webinar – amfAR HIV COVID study (English) 2021.07.21 

CAAB Webinar – CanSINO with Dr. Pedro Cahn – July 13, 2021 

CAAB webinar: Introduction to the Sputnik V vaccine – June 1, 2021

The Science behind the Long Haulers COVID-19

CAAB Webinar: COVID Long Haulers’ Experience 

CAAB Call – MedSafety App and COVID-19 monitoring of adverse effects  

CAAB Webinar – Access issues in collaboration with ITPC team – 3.22.2021 

COVID-19 vax intro, for advocates wanting to understand better the types & which co. has developed each  

CAAB conversation about the Anticov trial with DNDi – Feb 17, 2021

Dr. Polack, Convalescent plasma 

Recording to Pat Fast Q&A session, 

Dr. Holly E. Janes